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Exercise Snacking -

The "Exercise Snacking" story inspired and motivated me to begin creating shorter workouts and add more of them throughout the day. I can also relate to lots of sitting and working on my computer so I wanted to change that.

Our 30-minute workouts focus on the A, B, C's of physical fitness: agility, balance and coordination along with stretching and strength training. Modify the workout, as needed, in the privacy of your own home.

My Favorite Supplemental Products

In January 2021, as a 65 year old woman, I am prescription medication FREE. However, I do LOVE the benefits I receive from taking two daily nutritional supplements.

GSH+ and ASEA both work on a cellular level.

They are designed to keep my cells strong, working efficiently and effectively to fight off and protect anything that tries to invade or weaken my body.

I have put both of them to the test with my colon cancer history, plenty of stress from leading Adventure Trips locally and internationally. Also from my latest, personal experience with Covid 19 in early December 2020 was so easy and mild. I know these two supplements played a big part in my overall health during that time. I am sharing what I experienced and not making claims or promises of what it will or will not do for anyone else.

Learn more about this dietary supplement.

GSH is the scientific name for Glutathione. The + refers to many other ingredients included. Watch a short video below. I keep extra product in stock at all times so contact me if you want to test it out. Two capsules daily. Month supply: $49/month + tax. (approx. $52) - Dr. Oz and Glutathione Provizion and Glutathione 4 minute Health Quiz w/ Sheryl

ASEA continues to be a favorite supplement for me. I'm a big fan of the many benefits I've personally experienced. But try it yourself for 90 days. Only you will know if it's helping with personal weaknesses only you know about. Contact me for purchasing this product, if you like. You'll buy it at my cost.

My Favorite Workout Products

I love these because they give my brain and my body a super fun workout!

These products are what I use but NOT REQUIRED.

Find them at a thrift shop, yard sale, TJ Max, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

We focus on the A, B, C's of Physical Fitness - Agility, Balance and Coordination (and stretch and strength.)

The more consistent you are, the more amazed you'll be with your results!

Example: I've hiked for 18 years every week for approx. 8 - 10 hours/week/year-round but have received better results of a toned body in less than 60 days and 3 hours/week doing my online workout!

Tips for using a Yoga or Stability Ball

Tips for using a medicine ball

Tips for using a Kettlebell

Tips for using light dumbbells

Tips for using LED Poi Balls

Tips for using FreeSkates

Yoga Pad

Tips for using a Circular Balance Board or

Wooden Balance Wooble Board

Tips for using a Thera Cane

Tips for using a foam roller

Tips for using a step stool

Tips for using NO stool

Tips for using a hoop

Tips for using a Bongo Board

The most AMAZING Indoboard moves

Tips for using an inversion table

How to use an inversion table

Tips for using a tiger tail foam roller


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Favorite Music

(New selections added often)

Andy Grammer

Eric Clapton

The Killers

Louis Armstrong

Soft Jazz Instrumental

Bye Bye Blackbird - Joe Cocker

Harry Connick, Jr.

Darius Rucker

Doobie Brothers


Billy Joel

Frank Sinatra

Antonio Carlos Jobim

Michael Buble

Ray Charles

Georgia on my Mind - Ray CharleRay Charles


Norah Jones

Diana Crawl

Agua De Beber - Astrud Gilberto

The Girl From Ipanema - Astrud Gilberto

Summer Samba - Astrud Gilberto

Stan Getz/Gilberto

James Taylor

Andre Bocelli

Cold Play

Piano Guys

Buena Vista Social Club

Maroon 5

Jason Mraz

Nathan Pacheco

Randy Newman

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