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Watch these three short videos to learn more about GSH+ and how it works. Contact me today if you are ready to try this product! Everyone knows what they struggle with each day. I think you'll be pleased with the results. Try it today and see for yourself. Two capsules daily. No side effects. - Dr. Oz on Glutathione Provizion and the product 4 minute Health Quiz w/ Sheryl

I love being creative with my workouts. Many of these products cost very little money since people are always getting rid of exercise gear and equipment!

In this workout, I focus on the A, B, C's of Physical Fitness - Agility, Balance and Coordination. I do this through strength, balance and stretching. In just a few weeks you'll be impressed with the progress you are making by being consistent each day.

Watch for more details on these products. Buy them online on Amazon or at a local thrift store ie. Deseret Industries or Savers.

Exercises we may do with a large ball:

Exercises we may do with a medicine ball

Exercises we may do with a Kettlebell

Exercises we may do with light weight dumb bells

Fun moves to learn with LED Poi Balls

Things to do with Free Line Skates

My favorite Yoga Pad

Exercises we may do with a Circular Balance Board

Wooden Balance Wooble Board

How to use a Thera Cane

SO much relief from such a simple device!

Ways to use this....

Ways to use a step stool

Fun things to do with a hoop

Exercises to do with a Bongo Board

Exercises to do with an inversion table

Exercises we may do with a

Ways to use a 5 foot stick

My favorite products to use

(These are all optional)

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