Online Workout

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Exercise Snacking -

The "Exercise Snacking" story inspired me to start a short workout three times a week. Like many of you, I can also relate to sitting a lot as I work on my computer so I look forward to any chance I get to moving!

Our 30-minute workout is centered on the A, B, C's of physical fitness: agility, balance and coordination along with stretch and strength training. Modify your workout, as needed, in the privacy of your own home.

My Favorite Supplement

As of January 2022, I take one supplement and no prescription or over the counter drugs, which I am very grateful for.

ASEA is my favorite and works to keep me active and healthy on a cellular level.

My cells are efficient and strong and can fight off and protect anything that tries to invade or weaken my body.

I have put ASEA to the test when I

1) had to fight back with colon cancer in 2013

2) felt a lot of stress from leading several Adventure Trips locally and internationally

3) had Covid 19 in early December 2020 which, thankfully, was one of the most mild illnesses I've ever had.

I know ASEA has played a big part in my overall health for several years. during that time. I am not making any claims. I'm just sharing my own experiences and results with you.

ASEA continues to be my favorite supplement. I'm a big fan of the many benefits I've personally experienced. But test it out yourself for 90 days. You alone will know for yourself. If you like, contact me when purchasing this product. You'll purchase it at my same cost, around $137/month.

My Favorite Workout Products

These items are NOT necessary but I love trying out different items to work out with.

These products are NOT REQUIRED.

If you have the desire or room to store some of these, you may find them in a thrift shop, yard sale, TJ Max, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

The A, B, C's of Physical Fitness - Agility, Balance and Coordination (and stretch and strength.)

The more consistent you are, the more amazed you'll be with your results!

Example: I've been hiking for 19 years every week spending approx. 8 - 12 hours/week/year-round but I have received BETTER results from just 90 minutes a week! I continue to hike, ski, sled, etc. but I can definitely see the great benefits of my short online workout!

Tips for using a Yoga or Stability Ball

Tips for using a medicine ball

Tips for using a Kettlebell

Tips for using light dumbbells

Tips for using LED Poi Balls

Tips for using FreeSkates

Yoga Pad

Tips for using a Circular Balance Board or

Wooden Balance Wobble Board

Tips for using a Thera Cane

Tips for using a foam roller

Tips for using a step stool

Tips for using NO stool