ONLINE Hydroponic Garden 101 Class - $40/person, 2-hour, hands-on w/ supplies

Updated: Nov 15

Saturday, November 14, 2020, 2 - 4 PM

This online 2-hour course is $40/person.

A kit is not required for this class but I know I can definitely save you a lot more than $40 when you attend this class.

Every 30 minutes I will stop my presentation and answer questions that participants have been written in the Chat. I realize that everyone is on a different interest and knowledge level which is why I'll also have one of my assistants, Thad Baldwin, in the meeting. I have resources that will fit everyone's needs.

About the kit: It is ready for pickup now. Arrange to get it before 2 PM Saturday or I can ship it to you after the class if necessary ($7/shipping) My home is in Holladay, 84117. An exact address is given when the course has been paid for.

Payment must be received prior to the class. Pay in cash/check when you pick up the supplies if you like or pay via VENMO. Don't open the supplies until the class starts. We'll be using this kit during the class.

Get ready to learn more about the super fun world of Hydroponic Gardening! Hydroponic = no soil.

The winter season is the BEST time to prepare for and learn all about Hydroponic Gardening!

I have two soil gardens in Holladay and 2 in West Jordan along with a large hydroponic garden at my home in Holladay.

Once things calm down from the 2020 drama, I'll invite you to tour and work in my hydroponic 1200 square foot, high-tunnel, cold-frame greenhouse.

Hydroponic Gardens can produce a ton of crops in a very small amount of space, for example in my 1200 sq. ft. greenhouse, with just 12 feet x 20 feet we can grow 640 head of salad greens or herbs without using ANY soil and one tenth of the water needed for traditional gardening.

You'll learn:

  • Basic hydroponic terminology

  • Difference between traditional soil gardening AND hydroponic gardening (no soil).

  • How to get started.

  • Resources for purchasing seed and supplies.

  • How and where to set up your hydroponic garden.

  • Best time to do prep work and start growing.

  • Who can grow a hydroponic garden

  • What kind of experience, resources and skills are needed

ANYONE who is teachable can grow crops hydroponically at some level.
  • Cost to get started.

  • How to earn extra money by growing crops hydroponically.

  • How to become a commercial grower.

  • How to create a fun simple hobby and keep it small.

  • How to get started - easiest crops to grow

  • Hands-on activity - How to grow Micro Greens hydroponically

  • Hands-on activity - How to grow salad greens hydroponically

  • How to grow micro greens - hands on activity

Upon payment of this course you'll receive:

  • Hydroponic supplies and seeds to jump-start your own mini hydroponic garden.

  • Resources to receive your free hydroponic supply catalog.

  • An invitation to join our 13th Annual Community Garden Group (starts after Thanksgiving and runs through November 2021.)

  • Opportunities to participate in soil and hydroponic garden work on a weekly basis.

  • Harvest as it becomes available.

  • Invitations to participate in planting 200+ feet of sugar-snap peas in our Holladay soil gardens.


  • seeds

  • growing pads & blocks

  • reflective paper

  • latex gloves

  • Small Trays

  • Tray Cover

  • Misc. items ie.

  • Small cups, containers, bags, toothpicks


RSVP, Payment required in advance

Before the class you'll receive a zoom link.

COST: $40/person

(cash, check or VENMO)

VENMO name: @sheryl-mcglochlin


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