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Updated: Feb 24

Learn to play the piano!

I work with students on a variety of levels, regardless of how much or little experience you currently have.

Favorite music I enjoy playing and teaching others to play:

Movies & Film


Musicals (old and new)

Folk Music

Easy Jazz

Contemporary Disney & Pixar

Classical Music

Hymns & Spiritual

YOU tell me the type of music you love the most and want to learn to play

JOIN our online group piano lessons.

I am accepting new students.

$40/month (4 one-hour group lessons)

I teach Music Theory which allows you to play music faster and even learn how to quickly compose a simple song into another key very easily.

I was motivated to learn how to play piano so I could sing while I accompanied myself. As a young 8 year old that was my dream - to sing and play the piano. I love teaching people how to do this!

My strengths and talents are centered around Music Theory which allows you to have a lot more fun and makes it easier to learn. Instead of always playing one finger at a time, you'll easily be able to engage both hands much sooner.

Look over the following information. If this aligns with your values, contact me, Sheryl, at 801-278-5313 to get started.


I've been playing the piano most of my life and have taught piano lessons as well. When I was a teenager I met a woman named Gayle who could play anything, after hearing it once! I really wanted that talent and she started teaching me a few things. However, I was 23 years old, nearly 10 years later, that I discovered how she could play the way she did! I had enrolled in a Music Theory class at the University of Utah and everything I learned felt so comfortable! Gayle had taught me these concepts but she didn't know what they were called. I majored in Musical Theater at Brigham Young University and also studied at the University of Utah. The places I have loved playing the most are for those in an assisted living center, church service, nursing home, or a homeless facility.

My teaching style:

Learning Music Theory while learning piano is similar to speed reading when reading a book. It starts off fun and just keeps getting better all of the time.

I believe in accountability and engaging students. In my classes students will receive ample opportunities to demonstrate what I teach. No one is forced, shamed or put on the spot but they will receive opportunities to do this if they like.

Each person learns at a different pace. As classes are small, I'll leave time for students to pass off assignments. As classes become larger I'll open up additional time to pass off weekly assignments.

Students learn how to play and even have fun creating songs from a FAKE BOOK.

I know when you feel successful you are more motivated to play more.

I am currently an Outdoor Adventure Guide and have owned my business for 18 years. I was (and still am) a performer but I do teach on the side. I have always had a performer's mentality. I like offering students opportunities to play in front of others and demonstrating pieces they learn. Students are able to give encouragement and support to each other.

Examples of Fake Books: see below

Rates, Payment, Policies:

Group online classes start at $40/month. It's an inexpensive way to get acquainted with my teaching style. Payment will be made in advance for the following 4 weeks which includes four 1-hour lessons online. No refunds and stop anytime. In this group setting I will be able to see the needs of each student better and offer some private online or in-person lessons. Everyone will start in a group online setting. It's like an audition to see where you currently are and how fast you catch on to what I'm teaching.

Private online/in-person lessons: $80/4 30-minute classes ($20/lesson). Pay by check or VENMO. My user name on VENMO: @sheryl-mcglochlin.

Once you have paid for the first month, you'll receive the Zoom Link. Currently the only class I'm teaching is on Thursday, 7 PM. 1 hour which is a group lesson. Since I'm just starting to set up a schedule that may change to better suit everyone's schedules.

Transition to in-person classes:

Within a month after I start teaching group lessons and get more familiar with each student, I'll find out who is interested in private in-person lessons and may be able to start taking students.

Lessons would be held in my home (approx. 5000 South 3000 East, Holladay, 84117)

The following are the kinds of books I love playing from. I'll teach you. You'll love it too!!

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