Scriptures - The Power of


Scriptures are Love Notes from our Father in Heaven.

Who wouldn't want to receive a LOVE NOTE every day?!

Open this PDF.

Read the 15 reasons WHY we read the Book of Mormon everyday and why we try to encourage others to do the same.

These promises are real and are life changing!

Download the Gospel Library App or go to to find the app.

If you have questions with this let me know and I'll help you.

This app is amazing and includes a LOT of scriptures, including all of the Old and New Testament, videos, fun ways to involve adults AND children in learning more about the scriptures.

I'll teach you a lot of amazing things to find on this app, just pick a subject and in seconds it will bring up whatever subject you are interested in.

Test it out for yourself in the privacy of your own home!

Do you find it hard to study the scriptures on your own everyday? The world has so many attractive distractions that many of us find it difficult to stay focused even when we know how great it feels to read this book. To help me and others like me stay more focused on reading the scriptures each day, I started a Daily Scripture Group.

Anyone is invited to join.

If you want more support and encouragement in scripture study, join our daily free online zoom call as we read from the Book of Mormon together in a virtual circle and talk about what we just read.

Who ever comes to the meeting that day, we'll quickly assign an order for reading, so you know when to take your turn.

Each person then takes a turn reading one verse OR pass if you like and others will continue reading to you.

After reading a chapter, if anyone has a question or comment about that chapter you may share a brief thought.

In addition to joining this Online Scripture Group, I'll often send out a favorite scripture, video or even a short talk via text message. These are additional Love Notes from God!

Monday through Friday, 9 PM, 30 - 60 minutes long

Sunday 10 AM, same length)

No group meeting on Saturday

Leave early if you like.

Text Sheryl for the Zoom link.

It's always the same link so keep it and join us often.

Arrive early to the meeting if you like and wait for us to jump on.

It's like a breath of fresh air seeing people each night who are exercising faith and wanting to know what God is eager to tell us!

You can feel the love, support and acceptance of others the second you jump on the call!

As you start making Scripture Study a new DAILY habit and are sincere and teachable, pay attention to what happens to YOU almost immediately!

Notice the new feelings and thoughts you start to experience.

Are you happier or more depressed after reading scriptures?

Are you more grateful or more frustrated with life?

Do you personally feel your Heavenly Father's love for you?

Do you feel like getting down on your knees and talking to him a little more?

Only you will be able to answer these questions.

I do this because I'm trying hard to keep promises I have made with Him to keep HIS TWO Top Commandments:

  • Love Him (God, my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ)

  • Love His Children (that's you and me)

Thank you for joining us!


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