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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Here's a Simple Way to Make Someone Happy!

In Holladay where I live, there are several tiny Libraries that are almost hidden. Other neighborhoods probably have these too. People donate books to stock these little neighborhood gems.

In one near me I recently I found a jigsaw puzzle in addition to the books. I took one for my husband and I to work on together. That's when I got the idea that I want to start stocking my little library with more puzzles and see if I can encourage others to do the same in their own neighborhood libraries!

I know this will be a good thing! The winter months can be a difficult time of year for anyone and finding a puzzle may cheer someone up. Any size puzzles work. When you finish the puzzle just take it back to the little library along with any other puzzles or books you may want to donate. If you don't have any puzzles but want to participate and don't have much money, you'll find plenty of puzzles at your local Deseret Industries or Savers that are gently used.

Every time I discover an address I'll list it. Turn this into a fun scavenger hunt and find these yourself. Share more addresses with me.

1) Near Wander Lane 4832 South on Wren Road, Holladay

2) 1830 East Severn Drive

3) 6210 Rainsborough Circle, Murray

4) Wallace Lane, 4505 South, west side, Holladay

5) Camille Street and Olympus Drive. Right at Big Pine Tree Island

6) 2500 East 3900 South. Lutheran church, west side, west parking lot

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