THREE European Trips, September 2021! Join us!

Updated: Apr 28

Come away with us for not just one, or two but THREE European countries in September 2021 in this order...

  • Italy

  • Switzerland

  • Iceland

Detailed travel itinerary for these countries

September 1: Leave home, fly to Milan, Italy (MXP Malpensa Airport)

September 2: Arrive in Milan, Italy by 12 Noon (MXP International Airport). We'll pick you up from here and all take a 4-hour train ride to Levanto, Italy, to our home for a week.

September 10: After an incredible week we'll leave Levanto, Italy in the morning, by train, and return to Milan MXP International Airport. US flights are generally in the morning. If you are heading home, we'll book a hotel room for you near the airport and help you get a free shuttle to the airport. Those staying will continue on with me to Switzerland.

September 9: if you are coming to Italy to join us, leave home and fly to Milan, Italy on this day in order to join us in Milan on September 10.

September 10: We will be in Milan MXP International Airport between 12 noon and 1 PM and will pick you up then, taking you on a 3-hour train ride north to Locarno, Switzerland.

September 18: Leave Locarno, Switzerland in the morning and take a train back to Milan MXP International Airport. Flights to the US won't leave until Sunday morning, September 19. For

those going home, a hotel room will be booked for you near the airport and you'll receive a free shuttle to the airport. Everyone else will continue on with me to Iceland!

September 18 or 19: Those heading to Iceland will take a 2 1/2 hour non-stop flight to Iceland with me.

September 19: If you are joining us for the first time, you'll leave home today and fly to Iceland so you can arrive early morning September 20.

September 20: Arrival time will be between 6 - 8 AM from the US. I'll pick you up at each airport including this one.

September 30: We say goodbye after an amazing month in Europe!!!! If you continue on somewhere else, safe travels!! The rest of us fly home to the US .

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