NOVEMBER 2020: Welcome to our Hiking Group!

Updated: Feb 17

You are invited to 150+ local, free, day hikes every year! We also offer many adventure trips, classes and outdoor activities!

This is our 17th year of helping people stay active outdoors. To see my current list of outdoor adventure trips and activities happening now, visit AND check out the list at the end of this blog.

You are invited!

Be in the loop for ANY and ALL of these adventures! TEXT me at 801-278-5313 and include a Keyword so I can add you to the specific group via Text Message. Even if you are just interested in learning more, text me. I keep everyone updated via text message rather than posting everything on my meetup site. If you like, include my name and phone number in your contact list and text me anytime if you have a question about anything.

Let's get going and MOVE FORWARD!

Because I have hiked on so many trails over the years I know how to create smaller groups after being on a trail for only 5 minutes! Many times we may start out altogether but within just a few minutes everyone starts to break into smaller groups which is what we try to do. Plan on going at a pace you are comfortable with and you'll almost always have someone to hike with!

About the Meetup RSVP: You may RSVP for an outing on Meetup but I'm trying to encourage more people to just text me if you are coming. Since Covid-19 continues to be an emotional topic, we choose to keep a lower profile and not stir up any anxiety or stress for anyone. We know how to be responsible hikers and distance ourselves from one another. My phone: 801-278-5313.

Hikes are posted on Meetup including exactly where to meet:

I'll always post a google-map link for the trailhead before the hike starts, however, if you are able to come to our 6200 South meeting place first that would be preferred.

We always gather at 8 AM, then leave for the trailhead at 8:15 AM and are off the mountain by 12 Noon or earlier. Same time and place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 6200 South Wasatch Blvd UTA Park n Ride. Follow me to the trailhead, if you like, or watch for the Google Map trailhead link that I'll post for each hike.

I LOVE variety so my hikes will take you into nearly every canyon almost every week, especially those not too far from the Salt Lake area.

About hiking with dogs

If dogs are allowed in the canyons you are allowed to bring your pooch to our hike. Be respectful and stay at the very front or the back of the hiking group since not everyone loves dogs unfortunately. From this link, get familiar with where you can and can not bring your dog. Our valuable, scarce water is highly protected in Utah. You can't even keep a dog in your car in some canyons. FYI: Utah is the second driest state in the country. Only Nevada is drier, so water managers have a big job to do here in Utah.

We hike every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday mornings, sometimes more often.

Additional hikes will be posted online in the same place as always, if I post extra ones.

Compatible hiking companions

It's always much safer hiking with someone than hiking alone.

Come and meet others who are also eager to meet you!

For harder, higher altitude hikes, bring spikes.

Most hikers will NOT need spikes but there may be some harder hikes further up the canyon where there is still plenty of snow, for those who have spikes. Keep them in the car with you. Don't store them yet. The snow is melting fast but I bring them with me to the trailhead for every hike since I'm still scouting out trails that may have some snow left on them.

Hiking or ski poles

Poles help with balance in all kinds of terrain. They are not required but are very helpful at times.

Waterfall Hiking Season

We are in the middle of waterfall season and we LOVE IT! Every spring I look forward to hiking to many Utah waterfalls!

ANY length of Hike is always Awesome!

Think of our outings like a Restaurant Menu. What do you want today? The 30 minute special, 60 minute special, 2 hour special? Even if you hike for 10 minutes you'll be rewarded with incredible beauty AND learn where many of the off the beaten path trailheads are, including where to park so when you want to come back and bring your family or friends, you'll know exactly where to go. Take advantage of my experience and knowledge! I'll introduce you to MANY of the less familiar but still incredibly amazing hikes that you don't always find in a hiking book or online.

New to hiking?

Welcome! Let me know you are new. Start easy, go slow, drink water often, hike a short distance, repeat. If you turn around early, let someone know so when I ask "What happened to XXX?" someone can tell me where you are.

Go fast or slow

If you are not familiar with the trail stay with me or stop at the intersection and wait for me. Stay with someone in our group. There really is safety in numbers.

Give everyone space.

Try to hike 6 feet apart from others.

Trails are generally out and back unless I tell you otherwise

This means you will hike as far as you like then turn and hike back on the same trail back to your car. Leave plenty of strength for coming down a mountain. Most hiking accidents happen on the second half of the hike when legs are tired.

Be kind

Especially on single track trails be patient since some people may forget to give you more space. Ask them for a little extra room or let them pass.

Exchange contact info

I hope you will meet others in our group who love to hike. Keep in touch with people you meet and start hiking with them.

Sustainable Social Distancing

This is hard for me since I love to give people hugs but I won't so no worries. But I miss being able to hug some people.

If you feel sick stay home.

We want you back healthy and happy! Get better and come back when you are able.

Everyone is very grateful for and appreciates an active outdoor adventure friend

Thank you for being a kind friend for someone who needs a hiking companion. I really appreciate it!

About Shaming People

I don't believe in this at all and I won't tolerate it in my group. It's wrong. EVERYONE needs support and encouragement. That is the biggest gift everyone has been giving to me is LOTS of support and encouragement. In our group if you even show up and hike for THREE MINUTES, it's a really big deal! You are amazing in my opinion because I believe just showing up is the hardest part of the entire hike! The fact that you got out of bed early and came to the hike in the first place is very inspiring so thank you!

Hiking and photography

Some like to go slow and take lots of photos. I LOVE nature photography! Let me know if that's you. Be safe and stay on the trails.


Drive on your own for now. We haven't had a problem with any parking yet.

My cell phone


Finish by or before 12 Noon

Be off the trail by this time.

Qualify for harder, longer hikes this summer

Many shorter, consistent hikes will help you become a more seasoned hiker. As you attend often you may be able to increase your speed, distance and ability to hike steeper trails with more elevation gain. Besides receiving stronger legs, you are developing stronger lungs.

Halfway point

Our hikes are measured by TIME rather than by DISTANCE or ELEVATION GAIN. Since everyone hikes at a different speed, plan to go as slow or fast as you like then turn back no later than 10:15 - 10:30 AM or much sooner if you prefer. Because we use this method on EVERY hike you can make this as easy or as hard as you like depending on how fast and how far you choose to hike. ALL hikes are very beautiful!

Tell someone where you are hiking

Get in the habit of telling someone who is NOT hiking with you where you are going and when you are scheduled to be off the mountain.

Hikers and Salsa

Often we think about food when we are hiking.

Our hikers can be compared to Mexican salsa - Some are mild (slower), some are spicy (faster) and pretty much everyone else is somewhere in the middle. Hikers may fluctuate from day to day in all of these categories.

About a Face Mask

Don't shame anyone for wearing OR not wearing face mask. Do what feels right for you.

Cell phone coverage

Cell phone coverage may not be available in a canyon.

Come often and you'll feel MUCH happier

This IS the CHEAPEST and BEST form of mental therapy you'll ever find! The most important thing I hope we can give you is SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT and a sense of BELONGING. You are always welcome to our group!

Wash your hands often

Stay in this habit and especially wash before and after a hike.

Not safe or comfortable with this plan?

I completely understand if you are not ready or interested in coming to our hikes. No worries. Please join us when you feel comfortable and safe. We care about you!

Where to find our online calendar for all FREE activities and hikes

Get familiar with our Adventure Trips, photos of many of our outings, blogs, mission statement, etc.

When hiking near creeks with the spring run-offs

Trails are a safe distance away. Always be careful when you are around spring run-offs. I intentionally choose NOT to bring young children, especially my own grandchildren, anywhere near these deadly spring runoffs.

FREE Online meetings/classes

Watch for several upcoming online meetings & classes I'll be hosting. Find them on my calendar on Meetup. These are also listed on my Local Outings page of

See the list below for details.

These are all 1 hour or less and are all FREE.

Upcoming Adventure Trips - If they don't happen this year we'll roll them over to the lineup next year.

  • July 8 - 11, 2020: Black Canyon Kayaking & Camping Trip (one hour from Las Vegas)

  • Lake Powell Hiking & Kayaking Trip (Southern Utah, northern Arizona)

  • Switzerland

  • Iceland

  • Kauai

  • Italy

  • Local Hiking, Kayaking & Camping Trips (within 30 - 90 minute drive of SLC)

  • Southern Utah Hiking Trips

  • Canyoneering & Hiking Trips (within a 3-hour drive of SLC)

  • Backpacking Trips (within a 2-hour drive of SLC) happening in July and August! Text me for specific dates and details.

  • Local Kayaking & SUP outings (within 30 minutes of SLC)

  • Local Day Hikes (2 - 4 hour hikes)

  • Featured Hikes (8 AM - 5 PM hikes)

Online Zoom Meetings & Classes

  • Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself to Move Forward

  • Finding Passion and Purpose in Life

  • Gardening Group

  • Hiking Group

  • Scripture Group

Summer Kayak/Stand Up Paddle Outings

Be in the loop by texting me your name and the word KAYAK to hear all the latest info. 801-278-5313

A 14-minute, pre-recorded meeting is available upon request.

Canyoneering Trips - starting again in September, October

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