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What our local winter hikes ALL have in common

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

EVERY Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of the year you are invited to join us on a morning hike!

1) After clicking on the "Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday" link above click on Sheryl's Outdoor Adventure Group.

2) Or google search Sheryl's Outdoor Adventure Group

3) Register for FREE

4) Invite friends and family to join

4) Receive invites, reminders and notifications for all outings

For the morning hikes generally our attendance is higher than the online RSVP number states because many of our loyal, seasoned hikers don't RSVP. We have been so consistent for the past 17 years that unless there is a catastrophic event that keeps us from gathering at our 6570 South Wasatch Blvd Park n Ride meeting place, we'll be there.

About the Time:

For Saturday hikes only: September 1 through May 31 each year we start gathering at 8 AM for a 15 minute window. During the summer months, June 1 through August 31, we start gathering at 7:30 AM and drive to the trailhead at 7:45 AM. That is a 15 minute window to greet everyone and arrange carpools.

For Tuesday and Thursday hikes year round, we start gathering at 8 AM and leave by 8:15 AM.

Beginning Saturday, January 4, 2020, our gathering time will last ONLY 15 minutes, rather than 30 minutes. Plan to arrive between 8 AM and 8:15 AM before we leave for the trailhead at 8:16 AM. This is currently the same schedule as our Tuesday and Thursday hikes.

ALL of our hikes are VERY similar. They are all based on a TIME FRAME.

Since I offer 300+ free hikes each year there isn't time to post details for each hike and it wouldn't be accurate anyway since our hikers don't all hike at the same pace.

For example, you may see that we are hiking on the Lake Blanche trail next Tuesday. You may start to research it on, which by the way, is an awesome website! When you notice the elevation gain or distance for this particular hike, you may decide not to come or develop your own immediate emotional reaction about this hike based on what you read. Bottom line: What you read won't be accurate for what we are doing that day. Why? Because....

Our weekly Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday year-round hikes ALWAYS finish at or before 12 Noon.

Some in our group will always hike faster or slower than others during the same amount of time and that's great!

Somewhere between 11 am to 12 Noon we'll be off the trail. Some hikers are able to get in more distance and/or elevation gain during that time than other hikers.

We'll turn around between 10 - 10:30 AM. If it's a loop hike, the half way point is approximately 10 AM so we're off the trail by 12 Noon. I'll let everyone know if it's a loop hike before we start. You always have the option of turning around part way and turning it into an "out and back" hike.

It's common to have some hikers enjoy an easier, shorter hike which is ALWAYS acceptable!

First of all, I am just happy you showed up at all!

Life sometimes get in the way of our mountain fun. Someone may have an appointment that restricts their time, or have an injury they are recovering from or getting over an illness or they may be new to our group and nervous about what they just got themselves into. I'm sure we can all relate to something here! It's not a problem. All I ask is to tell me at our meeting place or text me in advance if you need or want to do a short, easier hike. Others may want to join you or carpool with you if there is room. We also need to know so we aren't wondering where you are.

Generally, we have three types of hikers on the trail on any given day:

  1. Those who are seriously focused on the trail and want to hike very fast.

  2. Those who are moderate hikers but not as fast as the first group.

  3. Those who choose to stop occasionally, look around, take a photo or catch their breath.

After hiking with us a few times, you'll basically know which group you feel most comfortable with.

Within 15 minutes of hiking you'll see these three groups start to form naturally. I know who are in each of these groups. I may be found in each of these groups at one time or another.

There are important intersections or landmarks when we all gather together again after a few miles, so no worries if we get all spread out.

I love having this type of diversity in our hikers.

Slower hikers shouldn't be required to hike faster than they have strength.

Faster hikers shouldn't be required to hike at a slower pace than what works for them.

No one is shamed for hiking at a pace that is right for them.

Some days I may hike faster than other days.

During the winter months I ski and hike.

I may be the one doing a shorter hike.

Best of all, we attract MANY kind, beautiful, friendly, caring outdoor enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds, interests, ages, abilities, skill levels and fun personalities!

The common bond running through our group is that we are striving to be active outdoors in a social environment.

New hikers join us frequently which we love!

If you have a concern about your ability or wonder whether you’ll fit in, please come and let me help you feel welcome.

I may pair you with the right person or I may be able to hike with you.

There are generally 15 - 30 hikers on every hike so it's easy to find someone to hike with.

We are eager to help you feel at home with us and get off to a good start.

Sometimes that may be hiking for only 15 minutes and slowly building up stamina from there.

Coming often will do wonders for your mental, emotional and physical health - EVEN if it's just a 15 minute hike!

Plan to attend the short, one-hour outings that I post often. These are the perfect “get acquainted” type of outings. It may be a 1-hour Snowshoe Class, a 1-Hour Hiking with Spikes Class or a 1-hour Sunset Hike. Regardless, just come and help me get better acquainted with you.

There are a few exceptions to our regular, weekly hikes. We call them FEATURED HIKES so you know they are different.

Featured Hikes are hikes you'll need to qualify for in advance. More food, water, stamina, strength and ability are required for these special hikes since they have more elevation gain and/or distance.

Featured Hikes require most or all day to complete. There are many opportunities to qualify for these type of hikes. If you are interested in qualifying for one of these hikes, talk to me so I can help you achieve your goals.

Our regular, shorter, weekly hikes are the perfect place to prepare for a Featured Hike. You'll start to develop friendships with others who share your same hiking ability.

Hike Up, Sled Down - Some of us have a need for speed so we hike up a mountain and sled down. You will need to qualify for these type of outings as well. They are super fun as long as you have the right type of sled and know what you are doing. Watch for my easy, beginning, 1-hour Sledding Outings that are super safe for any adult or child. I'll provide Zipfy Sleds for a $10 rental fee/outing. Check out my 7 minute Zipfy Ride down a Mountain! I'm filming this with a Go-Pro Camera strapped on me.