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What's your story?

Updated: Mar 12

Everyone has a story worth telling. Share your story with me!

Discover many "What's Your Story" titles on my blog page. Besides sharing my own stories I'll share some favorite stories I've collected over the years. I also want to share YOUR story. I believe stories will motivate and encourage us to write more of our own stories and especially share them with those we love.

10 Benefits of writing and sharing your own stories:

  1. People begin to understand WHY you are who you are.

  2. Create more connections with people

  3. It naturally develops more compassion, empathy and respect.

  4. It's a simple easy way to express your feelings.

  5. It brings people together.

  6. It is healing.

  7. It creates value - to you and those who read it.

  8. Your stories NEED to be told. They are that important!

  9. Hearing stories about others is inspiring!

  10. It's a meaningful way to lift others who may be struggling with their own life.

Online resources to help you write your story:

Pando - Family History Edition

Pando - The Trivia Game About Us

Storyworth Questions -

StoryCorps -

StoryTerrace -