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What's your story: Winter Inversion

One morning in January as I arrived at our hiking meeting place, I heard my hikers complaining about how bad the inversion was in the Salt Lake valley. They went on and on about how awful it was.

I spoke up and said “I can tell you two good things about this inversion.”

“No Sheryl, there is NOTHING good about this inversion,” they said. “I disagree. First, if we had no inversion you would never appreciate a beautiful deep blue sky. Second, we are able to go above the inversion and hike all day if we like!”

Two good things came out of that conversation.

1st: It is necessary to have opposition in all things. If you don’t taste the bitter you will never appreciate the sweet.

2nd: You can wallow in your sorrow, and complain, moan and groan all day about everything in life OR you can rise above it all and go hiking in the beautiful blue skies above the inversion! You decide.