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    Kauai Adventure Trip       Nov 11 - 18, 2015

    Hawaii: Kauai Adventure Trip, November 11 - 18, 2015

  • 8th Annual Community Gardens
    January - October 2015
    Lunch, Harvest, Work, Tours
    $100/household/12 months
    Join now!

    Community Working Garden Group

  • 14 day Italy-Switzerland Adventure Trip
    Sept 12 - 26, 2015     Only $2399! w/o Airfare

    Italian/Swiss Alps Adventure Trip Sept 12 - 26, 2015

Sheryl McGlochlin (a.k.a. Crazy Sheryl)

My goal...

I hope I can say

When all my days are done

That I was kind to others

And tried to help someone in need

My story

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Outdoor adventure guide, Sheryl McGlochlin, says Standup Paddle Boarding is all the rage this summer!

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Upcoming Events & Classes

Hike: Mill A Basin, Dog Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon
South & West Jordan Garden Work, Pasta Dinner, Cucumber-Lime-Pineapple Popsicle
Holladay Garden Work and Harvest
Summer Hike - Specific Trail TBA

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