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  • Lake Powell Adventure Trip

    September 4 - 8, 2014

    Lake Powell Adventure Trip



    Hawaii: Kauai Adventure Trip

    Nov. 12 - 19, 2014

    Hawaii: Kauai Adventure Trip, Nov. 12 - 19, 2014

  • January - November 2014
    Work, Meals, Harvest, Tours
    12 month membership $100
    Internships available
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    Community Garden Group, January - November

  • January 15 - 19, 2015

    Bryce & Zion NP

    Bryce & Zion NP Adventure Trip, Jan 15 - 19, 2015

Sheryl McGlochlin (a.k.a. Crazy Sheryl)

3 Simple Goals

  • Play more...
  • Eat more...
  • Love more...

My passion: Help others do the same

  • Play and relax outside more
  • Eat more food that is healthy, delicious and inexpensive
  • Love life, family, friends, new opportunities, exploring, meeting new people

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Outdoor adventure guide, Sheryl McGlochlin, says Standup Paddle Boarding is all the rage this summer!

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Upcoming Events & Classes

Garden Work at South Jordan - Food, Work, Tour
Hike: Mueller Park & Elephant Rock
Waterfall Hiking Orientation
Garden Work in Holladay Gardens: Harvest, Food, Tour

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