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"Don't Just Survive, Live and Thrive!"

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do—not that the nature of the thing is changed, but that our power to do is increased.”


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Heber J Grant

Hi, my name is Sheryl,

I'm also known as “Crazy Sheryl” which was an affectionate name given to me by my son several years ago. Those who know me understand why this name fits. I love life and I love people! I have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm that thankfully hasn't diminished much with age. 

I was born and raised in Holladay, Utah. Other than ten years in Colorado and Idaho, I've lived my life in my childhood neighborhood with our family of six since 1984. My husband, Dave, and I are thrilled to celebrate 40 years of marriage in 2019! Being a mother to four beautiful adult children, a daughter and son in law and grandmother to 6 is a huge blessing in my life.  I attended BYU-Idaho, BYU-Provo and the University of Utah as a musical theater major and performed with a traveling theater company for 6 weeks. Playing the piano is also very relaxing and stress relieving. I have great empathy for those who have dealt with cancer since I am a colon cancer survivor. I understand financial hardships since our family of six struggled and survived four employment layoffs during the past thirty years.


In 2003, at age 47, I began a new career in the outdoor adventure industry, as an event organizer, guide, trip planner, promoter and overall outdoor enthusiast.

I find great satisfaction in helping other people.  Generally what another person needs is the same thing that I need, so by helping others along the way, I'm actually helping to heal myself as well. Even people who are harder to love have taught me a lot about myself and have been a blessing in disguise.  


A Utah Based Company

A Life-Changing Experience

"You are ALREADY familiar with this trial because it’s an adventure trip and you know all about adventure trips!”

Success! Message received.

August 2013, My husband and I sat in our car in a hospital parking lot, stunned from the news we just received. I had just been informed that I had Colon Cancer.


Hospitals, colons, doctors, nurses or cancer had never really been part of my life. How were we supposed to tell our children and grandchildren that their energetic, healthy, active, outdoor adventure mother and grandmother had Colon Cancer?  


As we sat quietly in the car, wondering what to do next, I decided to say a simple prayer asking God to help us cope with this new reality.


Soon after the prayer I had a thought pop into my mind, “Sheryl, you are ALREADY familiar with this trial because it’s an adventure trip and you know all about adventure trips!”


It was like someone was reminding me of something I already knew. "I do know all about adventure trips", I thought.  In a matter of minutes I went from being afraid of the unknown to feeling very comfortable and even excited about my new future! I hadn’t asked for this adventure trip but it was now mine and so I decided to embrace it, rather than fear it.  The first thing I did was give it a name: CC Adventure Trip (colon cancer).


What I didn’t realize was that I had actually been preparing for this very day for a long time. During the past 10 years leading up to this moment I had been taking groups out hiking three times each week and on adventure trips to places like Switzerland, Hawaii, Southern Utah, etc. Activities had included hiking, camping, kayaking, etc.


My adventure trips have always had a few things in common:


  • They take me to places I’ve never been before.

  • I meet people I’ve never met before.

  • I eat foods I’ve never tried before.

  • I do things I’ve never done before.

  • I always have fun exploring and experiencing new things, regardless of where I go.

August 2018:  5 years later: That moment of sitting in the hospital parking lot became a critical game-changer in my life. Since that time, I met many kind, caring, loving people (friends, strangers, family members, nurses, technicians, doctors, etc.). I went to places (medical centers and hospitals) I had never been before and it was awesome!  I ate delicious foods, some that were new to me, and tried plenty of things I had never done before i.e. laying inside of a “giant donut” that scanned my body. It was a real adventure trip. My surgeon removed a foot of my colon and fortunately radiation or chemo was not necessary since they caught it in time. Having a positive attitude definitely helped me recover and heal much faster. I was released from the hospital sooner than expected and was back hiking on the mountain again within a few weeks after surgery, which was another miracle in itself.

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