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Sheryl McGlochlin


In 2003 Sheryl began organizing local outings which grew to include adventure trips in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Iceland, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Her family of six along with 6 grandkids also share many of her passions which includes adventure travel, cooking, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, skiing, bike riding, canyoneering, photography, writing, and playing the piano.

Dave McGlochlin

Photographer, Technology, Support

Dave is a "behind the scenes" kind of guy and plays a critical role in technical support. He loves adventure travel, photography, playing basketball, throwing a frisbee or football and also jumping on trampolines.

Mike and Anna Lucero

Local Hiking Guide Assistants

Mike and Anna met each other on our local hikes and have been Sheryl's main assistants for the local hikes since 2004. They also love adventure travel, yoga, bike riding, weight lifting, Tai Chi and swing dancing.

Raena McGlochlin

Adventure Travel Guide Assistant

Raena has been a professional outdoor adventure travel guide for seven years in the areas of canyoneering, rock climbing, backpacking and hiking.  She has guided locally and internationally in Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, the Caribbean and in the US (Colorado, Hawaii and Utah).  She also loves downhill skiing, backcountry snowboarding and jumping on trampolines with the family.

Chad Caton

Adventure Travel Guide Assistant

Chad spent six years as a professional outdoor adventure guide with a well-known adventure company and several more years teaching  backpacking, rock climbing, and canyoneering skills. He has extensive training and certifications from some of the top outdoor organizations in the US. Most of his guiding has been in southern Utah, Iceland, Arizona, and Colorado. 

Trevor McGlochlin

Adventure Travel Guide Assistant, Consultant, 

Logistics Specialist

Trevor's talents and passions include speaking fluent Italian, assisting with all of our European Trips, downhill skiing, volleyball, basketball, parkour, and any physical sport. He lived in Italy and Switzerland for two years and has assisted as a guide on our Switzerland, Italy, and Iceland adventure trips.   

Devin McGlochlin

Technology, Consultant, Photographer

Devin has been an assistant in our local and international adventure trips (especially Iceland, Hawaii and southern Utah) and loves photography. He is a manager at a marine products store and is knowledgable in the water sports industry.  He loves boating, wake boarding, country dancing, snowboarding, adventure travel, and jumping on trampolines.

Kendra McGlochlin

Office Manager, Bookeeping

Kendra's talents and passions include nurturing four beautiful, high energy children. When she needs an escape from motherhood, her other talents include organizational skills, working with numbers, teaching dance classes, adventure travel, and running.

Tyler Heaps

Digital Marketing

Tyler is an expert in digital marketing and also shares a serious passion for outdoor living. He loves spending time outdoors with his family and two dogs.

Monica McGlochlin 

Consultant for Fashion, Beauty,

Hair, & Home Organization

Monica specializes in teaching and consulting in areas of fashion, beauty, interior decorating and home organization. She has lived in France, Switzerland, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and Utah.  She especially loves warm climates, adventure travel, boxing, and dancing.  

Chandler Fausett

Digital Marketing/Video Team

Chandler, owner of Aligned Media Productions, is very talented and skilled in video and digital marketing. He partnered with us in 2018. His passion for filming, directing and producing outdoor adventure content make him a perfect fit for Live and Thrive.