Join Sheryl McGlochlin in the Beautiful Garden Island of Kauai Hawaii, and experience over 100 plus exciting adventures that you can do while you're in Kauai!

Located near Mount Olympus in the Salt Lake Valley, Live and Thrive is committed to helping people of all ages, abilities and walks of life develop lasting friendships and stay active outdoors. 

Regardless of where you are in your journey we want to help.





In addition to the fresh air and fun people you'll meet, there is a great feeling of satisfaction and confidence knowing you are strengthening your physical body one day at a time in a supportive, safe environment! 

When you are mentally strong, you can do almost anything!  You may be surprised how happy you feel after unplugging from the world for a few hours. Take time to get to know someone you are hiking with and observe the incredible beauty surrounding you.  

Take time to be quiet, to feel increased gratitude and love, receive inspiration, guidance and clarity far away from a noisy, busy world. Return home feeling renewed, energized, hopeful, confident and optimistic through nature's healing powers.

When you combine nature with kind, caring people your wilderness experience begins to exceed your highest expectations. Relationships are created, formed and strengthened more naturally in an outdoor setting. Romance and love also blossom more easily in the great outdoors.

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