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20 x 10

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I created a game called 20 x 10.

I call it a game because this type of thing is fun for me to do.

  1. I have 20+, simple things I try to do each morning before 10 AM.

  2. My list keeps growing. It used to be much smaller.

  3. Some things are easy because I've been doing them for so long.

  4. Other things I have to make a real effort to do.

  5. As my list gets longer, I call it 25 x 10, for example.

  6. Not everything gets finished by 10 AM but 10 AM is my goal.

  7. If they aren't done in time, I continue working on them during the day.

  8. Some days I don't get much done while other days I get a lot done.

  9. I don't beat myself up over what I don't get done.

  10. I just reset and try again for the next day.

  11. Choose a time that works best for you, that you want to try to accomplish some things.

  12. I enjoy getting up early in the morning. I love the challenge of trying to use my time efficiently as soon as I wake up.

  13. Pick a deadline each day that you're trying to get some things done.

  14. Start your game with just ONE thing if necessary, call it 1 x 10 for example.

  15. Most of my To Do Items can be done in just a few minutes but others may take longer.

  16. Don't stress out about this game. It should be fun.

  17. This should not be a dreadful, burdensome experience.

  18. I actually look forward to this challenge of trying to accomplish things first thing in the morning.

  19. It has helped me develop a lot of important daily habits.

  20. Try this yourself then, if you like, invite a friend or family member to implement this game in their life.

  21. Ask a friend if you can report back to them when you accomplish your list since it helps you stay on track.

  22. I'm a very big believer in second chances. Practice something over and over again until it becomes easy.

  23. Share with me what is on your list!

  24. Mine list may change slightly depending on the time of year.

  25. If you'll send me your list and give me permission to post it anonymously, if you like, you may be instrumental in influencing and motivating others to get started.

My list (not in any particular order):

  1. Personal prayer

  2. Read or listen to scriptures. I love listening to scriptures - generally The Bible and the Book of Mormon. They are like my best friends who give me incredible advice on a daily basis. I have them on my phone so I can easily listen to or read them anytime, especially when I first wake up and I'm still laying in bed. I'm always interested in what God wants to tell me first thing in the morning.

  3. Meditate and Be Still - most often this happens before I get out of bed. I listen quietly to the thoughts of my heart and in my mind. I generally receive the MOST inspiration and enlightenment before 7 AM! I have written songs this way. It comes fast and sometimes I'm writing very fast. It's one reason why I love going to bed early knowing that after 5 AM I generally receive a flood of thoughts, impressions, inspiration, and insights into problems. I can feel the free flowing ideas come into my mind and heart. It may be for my business or personal life. I keep my phone handy or a notebook and pen so I can write down thoughts quickly as they come to me.

  4. Walk through my home and open all blinds and curtains AND windows if it's not in the middle of the winter - It's a simple act of faith that shows me that "I'm eager to start this day and be excited to receive whatever may come my way."

  5. Make my bed

  6. Shower or soak in an epsom salt bath

  7. Get dressed

  8. Basic grooming routine - Brush my hair, brush my teeth, etc.

  9. Walk through my home, tidy up the kitchen and living room

  10. Prepare a few easy bento box meals from any leftovers (to eat later in the day/week)

  11. Start a dinner - It may sound like a strange time to prepare a dinner but I can spend approx. 3 minutes and fill a slow cooker with simple ingredients that will be cooking throughout the day

  12. Jumping on my trampolines

  13. Write in my journal This may include memorable experiences in my week, things I am grateful for, or even thinking about specific people who may be in need of my help

  14. Eat breakfast (combination of oats, almonds, chia seeds, water, apples, walnuts, cranberries, honey, almond milk or yogurt)

  15. Study Spanish on Duolingo

  16. Wordle - I love problem solving!

  17. Practice one song I've written recently or start writing a new one

  18. Kiss my husband, tell him I love him

  19. Text my kids on Whatsapp - Say hi and let them know I love them

  20. Drink at least 16 ounces of lukewarm water

  21. Listen to birds singing outside my bedroom window

  22. Write a favorite song in 12 different keys (approx. 5 - 15 minutes depending on the song)

  23. Practice guitar

  24. Think about who I need to check on to see if they need any help today

  25. Stretch, Balance,Strength Online Exercise Class - I teach this 3 times a week online for 30 minutes

  26. Hike and take photos of mountain scenery - 3 times a week

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