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There are 16 things I try hard to do every morning before 10 AM. It may begin at 5 AM!

It doesn't always happen but I try!

Here's my list. I would love to hear about your list! Send it to me if possible. I may include it on this blog. I can do it anonymously as well.

My list (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Personal prayer (varies)

  2. Read or listen to my scriptures before reading or listening to any news, social media, emails, text messages, etc. (I try hard to hear what God wants to tell me BEFORE listening to all of the other voices in my world) (time varies)

  3. Meditate and Be Still - while I'm still in bed I listen quietly to the thoughts in my heart and mind. I receive the MOST inspiration and enlightenment each day generally BEFORE 7 AM! It's one big reason I love going to bed earlier knowing that after 5 AM I'll generally receive a flood of thoughts, impressions, inspiration, and insights that will start flowing freely into my mind and my heart. It's love looking forward to this experience! I also keep my phone handy or a notebook and pen so I can write as fast as these thoughts are coming to me.

  4. Open all the blinds and curtains in the house (2 minutes) It's a simple act of faith that says "I'm looking forward to this day and whatever it may bring me."

  5. Make my bed (3 minutes)

  6. Shower or soak in an epsom salt bath (varies depending on how much time I have)

  7. Get dressed

  8. Basic grooming routine: Brush my hair, etc.

  9. Tidy up the kitchen and living room

  10. Prepare some easy bento box meals from any leftovers (used for later in the day/week)

  11. Start a slow cooker for a dinner tonight (6 minutes but it doesn't happen every morning)

  12. Exercise (30 minutes)

  13. Write in my journal (varies 15 - 60 minutes) This also may include things I am grateful for on this day.

  14. Eat breakfast (combination of cooked oats, almonds, chia seeds, water, apples, walnuts, cranberries, honey, almond milk) Preparation time: (generally 1 minute)

  15. Study Spanish on Duolingo (15 minutes)

  16. Review my day and what needs to happen and anything I need to communicate to my family.

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