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Hiking in Utah, The Basics: What to Bring, Long/Short List

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

The basics: Be prepared, even if it's a short hike

  1. Water - 1 liter/hour of hiking is recommended

  2. Healthy snack (granola bar, trail mix, almonds, etc.)

  3. Light Jacket

  4. Warmer Jacket (high elevation hiking in spring/summer can be cool)

  5. Sun protection like...

  6. Hat

  7. Sunglasses

  8. Sunscreen

  9. Lip balm

  10. First Aid Kit: Small bag with a few supplies i.e. bandaids, Neosporin

  11. Cell phone w/ camera

  12. Flashlight (not on your cell phone)

  13. Rain poncho/wind protection

NOTE: Cell phone coverage may be unreliable in the canyons

Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected

You never know who YOU may rescue! 

More detailed list
  1. Extra Water

  2. Extra Food

  3. 2 Way Radio/Walkie Talkie

  4. Layer up w/ extra Clothing/Insulation or carry a few extra items

  5. Rain/Wind Protection

  6. Sun Protection (Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, lip balm)

  7. Compass

  8. Map

  9. Flashlight w/ spare batteries

  10. First Aid Kit

  11. Emergency Kit (Whistle, matches or small lighter, candle/fire starter tabs, lightweight reflective emergency bag or space blanket, Swiss knife)

When hiking with us:

Sheryl's cell phone number: 801-278-5313

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